Tai Wuang is a self-taught french composer and producer, multi-instrumentist and mixing engineer. Starting his career on YouTube, first with the VoxMakers collective (450,000 followers) of which he was the most popular member until its dissolution in 2017, then with his band STARRYSKY (225,000 followers). At the same time, he works for many YouTubers and emblematic figures of the web such as Squeezie, Joueur du Grenier, Noob or Maliki. Today it represents several hundreds of millions views accumulated on his originals.

Strongly influenced by Asian music, he has the opportunity since 2013 to perform every year on the stages of Japan Expo, Paris Manga, TGS, Made in Asia... raising STARRYSKY to the most programmed musical artist in French-speaking conventions despite playing only original compositions. In 2022, the band becomes Genshin Impact official musical artist for the EMEA zone.

Anime & J-pop  -  Modern Produced Metal  -  Hybrid Orchestral

Genshin Impact, HoYoverse, Squeezie (biggest french YouTuber), Sora, Thomas Astruc (Miraculous Ladybug, Astro Boy), Louis-san, KaraL, LeGrandJD, Joueur du Grenier, Maliki, Noob (Olydri Productions, 3-time Europe record breaker webserie), Jean-Marc Anthony Kabeya (Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh GX), Epic Pixel Battle, Goddess of Victory: Nikke, Masashi Kûdo (Bleach), LinksTheSun, Mathieu Sommet (Salut Les Geeks)

« I told him that I will be very picky, that we should do 20 different versions if necessary. He sent me the first one, and there I said to myself that it was already perfect. The craziest part is that I had given him a document with a lot of instructions, telling myself that everything could probably not fit, yet I found absolutely every detail of it »
David Souillon, Maliki's creator

« Truly excellent, viscerally, the music is very infectious and detailed, extremely comfortable and very full of expression. Not only you are technically proficient, but those who know the story of our game will be struck by the emotional stretches »
Honkai Impact 3rd

« That's just awesome, you did it at lightning speed. I'm so glad I'm going to use it when I go on stage in convention »
Frédéric Molas, Le Joueur du Grenier


All tracks composed, arranged, produced and mixed by Tai Wuang
Female lead vocals by Sasha Brown



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